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Welcome to G.O.B.E. Tradehouse!
We are super excited that you have chosen to be part of our team and help us expand G.O.B.E. Tradehouse. Only a select number of hand-picked candidates qualified for this position, so if you made it here you should be just as excited as we are for the opportunity you have in front of you! There is no limit to the potential income you can make with the proper training.
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1. Craigslist Lead Generation Part 1

2. Craigslist Lead Generation Part 2

3. How to conduct a interview LIVE 

4. How to make 10k a month in 6 months

5. (Scripts and Replies)
G.O.B.E. SALES FORCE Quick Phone Interview Script
Intro - Hello may I speak to ______? Greetings my name is ____, I received a message from you inquiring about a work from sales position with our company? Ok perfect! Do you have time for a quick phone interview? Question 1- Are you above the age of 18? Question 2- Do you have phone and internet access from home? Question 3- We are looking for people who have experience in the customer service and sales industry, could you please talk about your sales experience if you have any? Question 4- Could you please talk about why a "Work from sales position” would be best for you? Question 5- Well you sound like someone who is well qualified for a home agent position, let me give a quick verbal breakdown of who we are and what we do!


We are an Online Educational Platform called G.O.B.E. Tradehouse, we provide an different services help a beginner or experienced trader navigate the Foreign Exchange Markets. Included in package is Forex Education ,Trade Signals from experienced traders, Custom Trading Indicator, we also offer an Auto Trader, all within our monthly subscription. We are hiring work from home sales agents to help expand our platform nationally. In our platform we pay Daily on each sale generated and our payout structure is very simple yet powerful! You can make a part- time or full-time income reselling our service But if taken seriously you can even make life changing income with us! The product you will be selling with G.O.B.E. Tradehouse cost $99 in a monthly subscription to access all of the services in our academy. Every time you make a sale for $99 you will earn $50 per sale, if you make a sale you will get PAID the exact same day as long as that sale is made in between the hours of 7am-7pmCST. You will also receive a residual payout of $50 every 28 days as long as the client maintains an active subscription with G.O.B.E, there is NO LIMIT on how many sales you can add to your portfolio You will receive in $10 override if your client refers someone to our platform up to only 1 level deep. We are not MLM or Network Marketing, however you do have the ability to earn an override on your sales which can really ADD UP over time. You do not have to pay anything to GET STARTED with our sales force, you will have access to an online commission tracking system, training on how to generate hot leads to close daily. You will have access to a 10 day Free Trial to have access to all of the services and training for set up, if you choose to also learn or use our trading services within 10 days you can keep that subscription active, if not you can always cancel at anytime no harm no foul by contacting support. There is no cost to be an independent contractor or sales person for our company. The average agent who takes our training seriously can easily generate 2-5 sales a day which could be around $100-$250 a day. We do have a minimal sales quota of at least 5 sales a week to remain on the G.O.B.E. Sales Force. You also need ZELLE or PAYPAL as a payment method to be compensated. Would you happen to have ZELLE or PayPal? Do you believe based on what I’ve explained you can handle a minimal quota to remain employed with our company? Well based on what I’ve learned about you so far, you sound like someone who I would be interested in hiring for this sales position! I can begin walking you through enrollment which will take 5min or less. Then we can get you set up with our new member orientation so you can start getting paid within the next 24hours or less, how does that sound? Ok perfect! Here is the enrollment, go ahead and fill this out and you will receive a welcome email with step by step training for set up! Congratulations! (SEND THEM YOUR LINK AND WALK THROUGH ENROLLMENT)


1.) Greetings (PERSON'S NAME), This is (YOUR NAME) with G.O.B.E Tradehouse. I see you would like to get started as a sales rep for the company. Below I’m going to leave you a 15min walkthrough orientation about our platform and how you can get set up to start getting paid today off of your sales. Click the link below, there is no cost to start and training and set up is also free. If you choose to enroll after reviewing our platform please send me a text letting me know you completed registration and we can move to forward to a fast start training and phone call Thanks! Look forward to working with you. (YOUR LINK HERE)

2.) Greetings, this is (YOUR NAME). You may be responding an Craigslist ad about a work from home sales position. Please fill out the quick application at (YOUR LINK HERE). Your application will be reviewed by a senior agent today and you will receive a text or phone call to set up a Zoom or Phone Interview. Please fill out the application as soon as possible to move forward with the qualification process. Thanks 

3.)  Greetings  (PERSON'S NAME), This is (YOUR NAME), Senior Agent with G.O.B.E. Tradehouse. We reviewed your application and you seem well qualified to be apart of our work from home sales force. Do you have a few minutes for a quick phone interview within the next 24-48 hours? If so, give me a time and I will schedule you a spot on our our calendar.