Trade Signals Disclaimer

G.O.B.E. Tradehouse offers trade signal services which are just trade ideas from our Master Analyzers and/or Trade Bots. We do not give any investment advice because all trade signals are sent in our chat to all of our participating members with no regard to their objectives or financial situation. Past performance is in no way a guarantee of future results. Any trades taken by you are at your own risk and you take full responsibility for the outcome of those trades. Your participation in the trade signals is at your discretion and not required. 

G.O.B.E. Tradehouse will not be held liable for any losses, no matter the amount, that you may experience by participating in our trade signals. Every trade you take on your trade account, as well as how to choose to manage those trades is solely your responsibility and you agree to make your own educated decision regarding whether or not you wish to participate on any of the shared trade signals sent out by G.O.B.E. Tradehouse.